About Us


     Sayward  Companies is the local Connecticut industry leader in carpentry,  handy  man services, and support services for the relocation industry.  We  pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and guarantee customer  satisfaction through our exceptional customer service.  As a local business we are small enough to give each  project the attention it deserves and large enough to handle the most  extensive venture!   

     Sayward Companies was founded in 1985 by owner, Bruce Sayward.  Throughout the last 30 years Sayward Companies  has taken pride in the quality and craftsmanship that it provides for  all of its satisfied customers across Connecticut and bordering areas.   Sayward Companies is split into 3 divisions, consisting of carpentry, 3rd party relocation support services, and specialized crating & packing.  For over 30 years we have been  providing extraordinary service in these areas.  No matter how small or  how large the project is, Sayward Companies continues to be a leader in  the industry.  

Our Service Areas

Sayward Carpentry

 Sayward Carpentry, a division of Sayward  Companies, has become a household name among the local community.  Sayward Carpentry covers a broad spectrum of carpentry and general  contracting services.  We cover projects ranging from small home repairs  and handy man services, all the way to complete room remodeling.  No  project is too big or too small for our team of dedicated  professionals.  

Professional 3rd Party Services

 In our second division, Professional 3rd  Party Services, we cover all support services that are required for any  size relocation.  Whether you are relocating a business just down the  street, or relocating your household across the country, we pick up  where the movers leave off.  We will take the stress out of your  relocation, by ensuring that all of your appliances are disconnected and  prepared for transit, along with making sure that large items are  disassembled, and fragile items protected too.  We custom pack and crate  any object and can even ship it anywhere across the world if needed.   We also do appliance connection and assembly services at your new  location after your delivery. Please see our services page for suggestions about our services available to you at both your origin location, and destination.

Specialized Packing & Crating

Our last division of Sayward Companies is, Specialized Packing & Crating.  No matter how large or small or even value of the item you need protected and shipped, we have you covered.  We build custom crates for even the most unusual items.  All crates are built to protect any item, whether it is being shipped across town or across the world.  We will even organize the freight pick up and delivery so that your item is shipped and arrives on time to its destination.